At A Moments Notice
At a moment's notice, CATCON is prepared to respond to any loss in a professional, timely and efficient manner. (Licensed in 21 states & DC.)
Renovating Success
Combining Dedication & Strategy to Add Value to Multifamily Properties

“There are numerous restoration companies out there to choose from, but we have set ourselves apart by striving to make customer satisfaction a top priority. Given today’s competitive market, it is imperative to continuously set the bar higher by proving your professionalism and the desire to satisfy your customers.”

-Jim Clark, CEO


CATCON is a nationally licensed general contracting firm that specializes in the reconstruction and renovation of multifamily, commercial and industrial properties. Whether the need for construction is due to unexpected disasters or to revitalize and add value to your property, CATCON will be there to respond and assist at a moment’s notice. With over 40 years in the construction industry, CATCON provides a variety of services to renew and restore your property to our highest standards.